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The Beaches of Landéda:

Just below the house, you will find Broënnou beach, frequented by families and ideal for relaxing upon. This beach is also perfect as a kayak launch site from which you may navigate among the small islands located in the sea facing the house.

A bit further, at 5 or 10 minutes’ walk from the house, you’ll find the more touristy Sainte Marguerite beaches, which are frequented by windsurfers and kite boarders whose skill in the water as well as in the air can make for a good afternoon or morning’s entertainment.

Going even further, north of the Sainte Marguerite beaches, you will find many lovely little beaches which invite exploration by day, when the sun lights up their turquoise shallows. From here you can spot the impressive lighthouse of Ile Vierge to the north.


The Islands:

Garo, Génioc and Tariec are easily accessible from the house in a calm sea by kayak (allow 2-3 hours for a return trip). A little further are the islands of Wrac’h, Cézon and Sagadon. For these you need a day to visit by kayak, but we advise caution as the conditions at sea can change very rapidly and make your trip less relaxing than you had planned.


Coastal Trails:

We invite you to explore the trails which follow the coastline, or those which go inland along the fjords. They are all well-marked and accessible to hikers or casual walkers. The fauna and flora are stunning, as the coastal laws have protected these zones quite well. Do not hesitate to strike up a conversation with fellow walkers and locals, as they will be able to give you much information about their corner of paradise. Photographers too will be won over by the scenery in this region. We advise you to take at least one of your walks at sunset, especially in summer: each night the colours are different but equally stunning.


Fauna and Flora:

At Sea: For fans of fishing, you can catch mackerel, sea bass, gurnard, pollock, and wrasse, among others. For those who prefer catching just a view of sea creatures, you may glimpse basking sharks in May, and sometimes seals (always a pleasure, although we advise to abandon your fishing activity if they make an appearance!).

On the Beach: You may find wild oysters, cockles, razor clams and periwinkles, and even abalone at a very low tide. There are also crabs and spider crabs – in short, enough to fill a seafood-lover’s basket with a little effort!

On Land: The wind and salt are the main influences on the vegetation, which includes sea fennel in July, heathers in mid-July, gorse from July to October, broom, and adder’s-tongue from January to the end of March.

In the Air: The bird life of this region is quite rich, and includes a colony of northern gannets which nest on the furthest islands from the shore. The obligatory gulls, cormorants, and terns are also present, as well as many other species.