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10 Kéravel Broënnou

29870 Landéda



  1. Coming from the Rennes-Brest highway N12, exit near the airport at about 14 km from Brest, taking the direction of Gouesnou, then Bourg-Blanc, Lannilis, Landéda.
  2. Once in the village of Landéda, go around the church and turn to your right (at a corner with a crêperie), taking the direction of the Chapelle de Broënnou. Go along this road for 2.5 km.
  3. When you arrive at a slight bend in the road, turn right onto a downward-sloping road in the direction of the Chapelle de Broënnou.
  4. At the bottom of the road in front of the chapel clock tower, turn left and drive about 100 m., then turn left again and drive up a slope and you’re there – the house, #10, sits on your left at an angle to this road.


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A little history

Landéda depended formerly of the parish of Ploudiner (sixth century). Landéda (holy shrine of Teda, who came overseas leg in the fifth century) took its independence in the fourteenth century. The parish of Brouennou, "girl" of Landéda, became a town in 1791.
Landéda united in 1822 (by order of Louis XVII dated 30 October 1822), Brouennou (Bronnou noted in 1455, Broennou in 1467) is annexed in 1829. The name of Brouennou was substituted for that of Landéveltoc (to the thirteenth century).
The common Landéda (Landeda, circa 1330) is between the Aber Benoît, Aber-Vrac'h and the sea. At the east of the Baie des Anges, at the entrance to the Aber-Bulk 'h, are the ruins of an ancient abbey Cordeliers dedicated to Our Lady of the Angels. The Abbey of the Angels was founded in 1507 by Tanguy du Châtel (or Chastel) and his wife, Mary of Juch. The parish of Landéda used to be part of the former bishopric of Leon.


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